Volunteers - We Need You, We Love You, We Pay You!

Want to watch the races from as close as you can get? Want to help us make the race safer? Want to watch the race from the comfort of the race tower and help us score? Want to get paid to do any of that? Volunteer as a scorer or cornerworker!

To volunteer, contact the race director: david.price@cascadiasm.com

Important information for volunteers:

  • Volunteers need to be at the track no later than 5PM, one hour before racing begins.
  • CORNERWORKERS - NO RED CLOTHING. Red on the racetrack means a problem is present, so please leave the red hats, shirts, jackets, pants, etc. at home.
  • Full shift volunteers will be paid $100 in cash or race credit. Half shifts are available.
  • Water, pizza, coffee, and breaks as needed will be provided, but please come prepared to be on the track from 5PM until 1AM.