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Race 3 Registration IS OPEN!

Race date: September 28, 2019

Race location: Tri Cities Kart Club (

Track configuration: TBD

There are some changes to registration this time, in an effort to streamline our race-day schedule. Since the next race will happen during the day, we will need everybody to register in advance this time. Online registration will be for both TEAMS AND INDIVIDUALS, with separate registration links for each (see below). Refunds are available after registration until race day, so please register early if you think you want to race, you will be able to get a refund if you don't.

To encourage on-line registration, Cascadia Supermoto membership fees will be waived for individual riders who sign up online. Save $20 and a longer wait at registration the morning of the race!

THERE WILL BE LIMITED OFFLINE REGISTRATION FOR RIDERS ONLY! If you show up at the track without having registered your team, you will be asked to register online and return with your registration number to the registration desk to get a tech sheet and transponder. We will do cash/credit in-person registration as time permits for riders only, but ask that everybody does their best to pre-register online. We’ve tried to emphasize how important pre-registration is to help the series run smoothly and get the right number of transponders, and we have still had team registrations as late as 2 hours before the race. Please don’t do this – this round, you will almost certainly miss the start, and you may not be able to race if we don’t have a transponder for you.

Registration opens Wednesday August 21 at 8PM and closes at 0925 on race day, before the start of the rider's meeting. If you do not have a wristband from registration by the rider's meeting at 0930, YOU WILL NOT RIDE. If you have not registered your team before then, YOU WILL NOT RACE. Remember, all starts (including restarts) will happen in the order you register, so register early for a better grid position.

TEAMS MUST REGISTER BEFORE RIDERS! Riders will be given a choice of team at registration, but the team MUST be registered first. Riders who register without a team selected will cost their team a start penalty that may require a lot of running.


  • The team captain should register the team first via the team sign-up link. ($165)
  • Once the team is registered, each individual rider should sign up via the rider sign-up link. ($35)
  • On the day of the race, if you are the team captain, you will get a tech sheet and transponder for the team when you check in at registration, as well as a wristband. If you are a rider, you will get a wristband.

Team sign-up:

Rider sign-up:

Friday Registration and tech

Unlike our previous two races, our final race will be a daytime race, and we will not have a lot of time before the race to get everybody registered and through tech. Teams and racers need to be registered, through technical inspection, and ready to ride no later than 0930 on the morning of September 28. Teams and riders that are not registered and through tech by then may start the race late, at the convenience of Race Direction.

Motorcycle tech inspection will open on Friday night at 1930. All riders and teams are encouraged to get registered and teched on Friday night if they are staying at the track to avoid the Saturday morning rush.

Camping and Sunday practice

The track will open for camping around 1900 (7PM) on Friday evening. Please wait at the gate if the track is not open; somebody will be there as soon as possible, but traffic over the pass on I-90 is often slower than expected.

The track will be open for mixed practice (motorcycles and karts) on Sunday. Sunday practice fees are not included in the race fee.

Camping will be permitted on Saturday night. However, we are asking that everybody who is staying to be extra respectful of the facilities, including the trash cans, bathrooms, and pavement. Although we have not had any issues at the mini endurance races, bad behavior at the supermoto races has lost Saturday night camping privileges for that series. Minis will continue to be an exception for now, but this depends entirely on sober, respectful behavior towards the track and other racers after racing has finished. This is a zero-tolerance issue, and violators will be ejected and asked not to return until at least the second race of 2020.

Race 3 SaturDay Schedule

0730 - Registration and tech opens.

0925 - Registration CLOSES.

0930 - Mandatory rider's meeting.

1000 - Race practice opens. All race machines must complete at least three laps, with transponder.

1045 - Practice ends.

1050 - Call to grid

1055 - Sighting lap

1100 - Race start

1400 - Mid-race red flag

1415 - Race re-start

1700 - Race end

1730 - Awards ceremony