JULY 25 Endurance at tckc is on!

Our rules for the 2020 season have now been posted! See the Rules page for details. Classes have been updated, and we have an entirely new type of racing to offer for 2020 - sprint/GP races! Sprint/GP races will be offered at most of our endurance rounds, and will have a separate championship associated with them.

Race Dates

CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19: May 30-31 - MAC Track @ McMinville, OR: Practice + Sprint/GP races Saturday, endurance race Sunday

July 25 - TCKC @ Richland, WA: Day practice + night endurance race, no sprint/GP racing.

August 29-30 - MAC Track @ McMinville, OR: Practice + Sprint/GP races Saturday, endurance race Sunday

October 3-4 - TCKC @ Richland, WA: Supermoto + Sprint/GP races Saturday, endurance race Sunday.

What is Mini Moto and The Mini Endurance Challenge?

Cascadia Mini Moto is a motorcycle road racing series for minibikes, mini motards, and scooters. CMM puts on endurance and sprint events 3-4 times a year in eastern Washington and Oregon.

For 2020, CMM will offer both sprint/GP and endurance racing at every race weekend (schedule permitting).

At the core of CMM is the endurance challenge. Endurance racing offers unique challenges and growth opportunities for riders. Team strategy, pit strategy, maintenance, and consistency are all important to win an endurance race, and riders on the team will get as much racing seat time in one event as they do in an entire season of sprint racing.

what do i need to race?

For more complete details, see the Rules page.

A bike:

Any motorcycle or scooter that meets the following limits is legal to race in Cascadia Mini Moto and Endurance Challenge:

    • 250cc or less for air- or air-oil cooled two-valve four-stroke engines.
    • 212cc or less for air- or air-oil cooled four-valve four-stroke engines.
    • 150cc or less for water-cooled four stroke engines
    • 125cc or less for air-cooled two stroke engines
    • 95cc or less for water cooled two-stroke engines
    • A scooter that meets scooter-specific displacement rules (see the rulebook for details).

Displacement exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. See the Rules page for more information.

No bike? Not sure? No problem! Cascadia Mini Moto partners with ForzaGP to bring turn-key racing to the series! ForzaGP will offer a variety of Ohvale motorcycles for rent. For more details, contact ForzaGP.

A team (for the Endurance Challenge):

To participate in the endurance challenge event, a team is needed. Although it is possible to ride all six hours of the race solo, the spirit and intent of the series is team racing. Teams of any number of riders are allowed. Riders younger than 14 are allowed but must talk to the Race Director and be checked out to race.

How much does it cost?

Cascadia Mini Endurance Challenge is working to keep costs as low as possible for racers, so prices may change based on the number of previous entrants. Prices for 2020 will be announced as soon as possible.

Membership with Cascadia Mini Moto is required to race any Cascadia Mini Moto event. One day memberships are available at registration, and for shared events with Cascadia Supermoto, we offer full reciprocity with CSM license holders.

How do i find out more?

Contact us via the contact form or email, or subscribe to the Cascadia Mini Moto and Endurance Challenge Facebook Page.