2019 Season results posted

Thank you all for an amazing inaugural season! 2019 is in the bag, and you can find the combined Round 3 and season results here: 2019 Season Results + Round 3

Congratulations to all of our teams for making it through a season, and specifically to our class winners:

A Few Dollars More - Overall Winner - 1200 laps

Daggers - Mini Superbike Winner - 477 laps

S&M Vixens - Mini Motard Winner - 1001 laps

For 2020, expect more endurance racing, more laps, and possibly more venues! We're working behind the scenes on some fun things and new locations, so get on that winter maintenance and we'll get back to you as soon as we can say more.

If you're interested in racing, please contact us and fill out the survey below, and go to our Facebook page for discussion and the latest information.

Race dates

2020 - TBD

What is The Mini Endurance Challenge?

The Cascadia Mini Endurance Challenge is a motorcycle endurance racing series for minibikes, mini motards, and scooters.

For 2019, the CMEC consisted of three 6-hour endurance races held at Tri Cities Kart Club in Richland, WA (http://www.tckc.net).

Endurance racing offers unique challenges and growth opportunities for riders. Team strategy, pit strategy, maintenance, and consistency are all important to win an endurance race, and riders on the team will get as much racing seat time in one event as they do in an entire season of sprint racing.

what do i need to race?

For more complete details, see the Rules page.

A bike:

Any motorcycle or scooter that meets the following limits is legal to race in the Cascadia Mini Endurance:

    • 230cc or less for air- or air-oil cooled two-valve four-stroke engines.
    • 190cc or less for air- or air-oil cooled four-valve four-stroke engines.
    • 150cc or less for water-cooled four stroke engines
    • 95cc or less for two-stroke engines

Displacement exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Typical models include: Honda Grom, Yamaha TTR-125, KTM 85SX, Ohvale 110/160/190, Metrakit, SSR 125, Pirahna 190, etc.

No bike? Not sure? No problem! Cascadia Mini Moto is partnering with ForzaGP to bring turn-key racing to the series! ForzaGP will offer a variety of Ohvale motorcycles for rent. For more details, contact ForzaGP.

A team:

Although it is possible to ride all six hours of the race solo, the spirit and intent of the series is team racing. Teams of any number of riders are allowed. Riders younger than 14 are allowed but must talk to the Race Director and be checked out to race.

How much does it cost?

Cascadia Mini Endurance Challenge is working to keep costs as low as possible for racers, so prices may change based on the number of previous entrants. An entry costs $165 per team plus $35 per rider. Teams must pre-register and pay online, riders are strongly encouraged to also register and pay online.

Membership with Cascadia Supermoto is required to ride the Cascadia Mini Endurance Challenge - a one-weekend membership will be available at the race for $20, or you can become a full Cascadia Supermoto member for $100 by registering here.

IMPORTANT: For the final race of the year, the Cascadia Supermoto 1-weekend license fee is being waived for all online rider entries. Riders who register at the track will still need to pay for a membership.

How do i find out more?

Contact us via the contact form or email, or subscribe to the Cascadia Mini Moto and Endurance Challenge Facebook Page.